About Us

Meet the family and the dog that inspired our pet ramp journey!

Our Story

Hi! We're Mark & Stephanie Legenstein and for as long as we can remember we've had a pet bulldog. While unfortnately bulldogs don't live the longest of dog lives, we've been lucky to have some amazing dogs over the years and our current English Bulldog, Rufus George, (the inspiration behind our name!) has bad legs. His mobility to go up and down on his chair was virtually impossible and very dangerous, so that is where our ramp business began.

A Commitment to Quality

When we decided to begin our dog ramp business, we wanted to find only the best and safest products available. Since we created our first prototypes, we have stayed committed to three things:

Safety, Craftsmanship and Quality.

Our ramps are built here in Lancaster, Pa with furniture grade pine wood. Stained and finished by Quality Amish craftsman, then sealed with a protective satin coating for durability and beauty!

We currently offer 7 differrent colors and have recently released a new product for busy dog owners... Walk 'n Poo Dog Poop Bags! Feel free to message us with any questions. We thank you for visiting our store and wish you and your pets the best.

Mark and Stephanie

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

– Josh Billings